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Icepack - Since 1997

Diesel powered, 110amp charging, 6KW - 22,000 BTU Cooling

Get yourself the toughest aircon there is! Check out our great solutions for sleeper cab air conditioning. There is something to suit everyone, and all of the details are included so that you can make a fully informed decision.

New home for ICEPACK

ICEPACK is now located in the busy transport hub of Brisbane.
Our new location is 19 Quindus Street, WACOL.
We now offer a comfy driver's lounge, perfect to kick back whilst your ICEPACK is being serviced or installed.
Call in and say G'day!

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The Original and still the Best!
With the largest Cooling Capacity of any sleeper cab aircon on the market, the Icepack Range is guaranteed to keep you cool in any heat, from 45 degrees dry heat in Coober Pedy to 30 degrees and 80% humidity in Cairns.
If you are after a reliable, quality product that will make your life on the road a safe and comfortable one - then you can't go past an ICEPACK!